Front-end development Chapter lead

Space is seeking for exceptional Front-end development Chapter lead

We are Space International, a young, purposeful, at some point extraordinary team, and we believe it is time to come up with an alternative to traditional and outdated banking. We are the first digital bank in Georgia, aimed at improvement of banking service experience through innovations, technologies and designs. We are engaged in the most interesting and big innovative project in Georgia and internationally, so all of us are tackle sophisticated and interesting business and technological tasks.

Key responsibilities:

  • Creation of innovative business products and meet technical solutions
  • Engagement in full process of software Development Life Cycle
  • Creation of innovative business products and meet technical solutions
  • Improvement Code Standards and quality in Team
  • Monitoring and inspection of application to identify areas of improvement and issues
  • Available to help with critical production issues
  • Implement beautiful UI/UX

Essential technical skills required:

  • Vanilla JavaScript (DOM, BOM)
  • CSS/HTML and fundamentals of Layouting
  • Experience with RESTful API Services, AJAX, JSON, CORS, and/or WebSockets
  • Knowledge about State Modeling & Management in SPA (Redux/MobX/Flux/MVC Pattern)
  • Understanding of Server Side development tools, transpilers, and preprocessors (Babel/Webpack/SASS)
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English and Russian
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills to meet optimal decisions

Nice to have:

  • Experience with other JS-frameworks Angular or React
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Fundamental Knowledge about Cloud Systems
  • Experience with Agile processes

What we offer:

  • ** Interesting and challenging job
  • ** Team work with highly talented people
  • ** Opportunity to work remotely
  • ** Flexible working hours, ensuring a good work-life balance
  • ** Continuous learning & self-improvement
  • ** Medical insurance
  • ** Opportunity to work with an international team
How to get in touch with us?
  • Just fill in the application here or send us your Resume to:, by indicating the title of the vacancy in subject line. If you are good match, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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