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Space is Looking for iOS Developers

We are Space International, a young, purposeful, at some point extraordinary team, and we believe it is time to come up with an alternative to traditional and outdated banking. We are the first digital bank in Georgia, aimed at improvement of banking service experience through innovations, technologies and designs. We are engaged in the most interesting and big innovative project in Georgia and internationally, so all of us are tackle sophisticated and interesting business and technological tasks.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create / Maintain application for iPad and iPhone
  • Performance and technical analyze for a particular project's module
  • Collaboration for other Tribe members to get design and BA updates
  • You should be able to find bottleneck inside of a particular module and act accordingly
  • You must be able to create architectural analyze for a future feature development
  • You must be able to write code according to company wide rules
  • You must be able to decompose major issues into smaller parts and create action plan to resolve


  • Swift Programming language (Min. 2 years of practical experience)
  • Core Data or Realm or Firebase or GRDB work experience
  • you must be able from the scratch to create synchronous caching using URLSession and Core Data
  • Experience in a Multithreading Programming
  • you must be able to describe Imperative and Declarative Programming differences, functional reactive VS OOP, key pros and cons
  • Working with CI/CD infrastructure possibly with Hosted solutions
  • Experience with using Fastlane
  • Architectural Pattern knowledge like MVVM and MVVM + C and experience in practice Min. 2 Years
  • Experience with Functional Reactive Programming Min. 2 years, you must be fluent with (RxSwift && RxCocoa) || Combine
  • Knowledge of Programming Paradigms – likely from university or even from Online Courses like MIT, Stanford, Harvard (Hint: They are free and online)
  • SOLID principles, able to write every single class according to SOLID
  • Advanced level in Data Structures and ability to solve Easy Algorithms on Hackerank or Codility
  • Experience with working on GIT, Understanding of different GIT strategies e.g Gitflow, Gitlab Flow etc.
  • Experience with APNS and Push Notifications
  • XCTests practical experience, you should have minimum 1 production application which is using Unit Tests
  • REST API working experience with more than 3 years
  • You should be able to generally describe some of the disadvantages of OOP
  • You should be able to write fully protocol oriented classes in Swift
  • We are not talking to much here about Design Patterns which are required as you already understood, but if you only are familiar with Singleton pattern, please do not say it to us.
  • You must know who is Uncle Bob and Martin Fowler also Alan Key, possibly even Alan Turing

Good if you know:

  • Past experience with Objective-C
  • Experience working with Low Level C Based libraries
  • Experience with creating Private Frameworks and publishing them via Cocoapods
  • Experience with SPM
  • Experience working with Modular Structure rather than Standard Monolith Structure
  • Scrum and Kanban practical knowledge and experience

What We Offer:

  • Largest iOS Development team in Georgia, working with Georgian and Foreign developers
  • 1 Codebase and 4 different applications. Our codebase handles different country applications and one iPad application
  • joining Space means that you will be part of one concrete tribe (squad) which is responsible only on particular flow
  • Based on BA analyzed document, you will be able to create Unit Tests for flows
  • You will be responsible on Product Tasks and also refactoring and Re-Engineering tasks
  • You will understand how to split 100,000 lines of code into Modular Structure by isolating them
  • While working on different flows, you will face mostly MVVM and Viper architecture
  • We will provide plan for you to become even greater developer than you are right now, this includes any kinds of materials which are free or paid, greatest thing we provide is that your progress and knowledge growth will be monitored.
  • Work / Life balance is well structured in our company
How to get in touch with us?
  • Just send us your resume at: by indicating the title of the vacancy in the subject line. If you are a good match, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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