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Get a loan very easily, directly from the Space app. At any time, anywhere.

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It will take you from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to get a Space loan
You can activate the SPA loan on any bank card

Instant loan to fulfill your wishes

Not enough money for payments on one card? Add your cards from another bank to space app and choose which one to use for payments.

Space loans may be anything between a 100 and 50,000 GEL, with maturity of 1-48 months. Fixed interest rate is from 14.93%, annual effective 16%. In case of an overdue, a penalty will be 0.15% of the amount owed on each overdue day.
Select date and monthly payment amount you want. You can always repay early, without early repayment fees.
You’re welcome to choose not to wait for your Space card. You may simply add a card from virtually any bank through the app and add funds instantly, in a matter of a single tap on your smartphone.

Conditions for repaying a loan tailored to you

You are considered eligible to request a loan if you are at least 20 or at most 60 years old. Unfortunately, we are unable to service dual citizens or Green Card holders.
In order to qualify for the loan, you must have monthly income of at least 200 GEL, which you will be able to demonstrate with relevant documents. Sometimes, the system may not even ask you for additional documents and your loan application will be processed automatically.
In order to be considered for the loan, you might have to upload documents certifying your monthly salary, rent/lease or dividends or proof of income for at least three out of four months preceding your application. Proof of income must include your salary for the last month. It is also possible to submit a document for at least 5 months from the last 6 months, which proves transferred funds from abroad.

Simple loan, simple rules

Here are three steps you can take to begin
the process of preparation for mediation.

Think about how much you need, specify the desired amount of the monthly loan fee and redistribute the final payment amount
Sign up directly from the mobile app, take a selfie, take a photo of your ID and open an account remotely.
As soon as the loan is approved, which will take place in just a few minutes, confirm and the amount will be credited to any bank card specified by you.

შეუკვეთე სფეის ბარათი

პირდაპირ აპლიკაციიდან, 10 ლარად და ჩვენ ნებისმიერ ადგილას მოგიტანთ.

სმს შეტყობინება გამოგზავნილია!

დააჭირეთ მიღებულ ბმულს და გადმოწერეთ სფეისის აპლიკაცია.