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First Fully Digital Bank in Georgia

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    No queues, no branch visits, no paperwork

    Space is the first fully digital bank in Georgia - a bank without any branches, that exists only as a mobile app.

    Transfer money with Space

    To virtually any bank card
    Instantly, 24/7
    Using your phone or account number
    With any messaging app

    Obtain a loan online, 24/7

    Directly via the app, within minutes
    Anytime, anywhere
    Without origination or early repayment fees

    Pay for everything in one place

    Up to 150 payment categories
    Without fees
    Set up templates, toss them into your basket
    pay at once, with a single click

    Add a card from virtually any bank

    Manage your finances in a single space
    Complete transactions 24/7
    Make instant transfers between cards

    Join the Space Game

    Space rewards you for frequent use of your Space card and other services. Complete missions of the Space Game, earn stars and win up to 2000 GEL every two weeks.

    card install payments deposit loan transfers

    Get a Space Card

    Order directly from Space App, collect rewards and cashback bonuses

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