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Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions for use of all products from Space are regulated by the General Agreement on Banking Transactions and other terms and conditions set forth by TBC Bank JSC (Identification number: 204854595; located at 7 K. Marjanishvili Street, Tbilisi), available at www.tbcbank.ge.

Throughout the processes of service provision or administration of its commercial duties, the Space trademark and/or name, as well as any other element/piece of information associated with the brand, shall be deemed as property of TBC Bank JSC, with Space operating on its behalf.

Terms and conditions stipulated below are intended for individuals looking to pursue services available on the Georgian financial market. The bank may impose limitations on accessibility of services from Space in every geographic zone and/or for every potential customer
Customer protection

You may communicate complaints about the service in verbal, written or electronic form

For verbal complaints, you must contact the Space call center at 2 711 711 or send an e-mail to help@Space.ge.

You will receive an outcome of your claim/complaint in writing and/or via other standard channels for communication (phone, digital, electronic etc.).

It may take up to a month from the initial date of receipt and identification to review a claim.

Limits on Liability

In no event shall Space and its parent, affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers, employees and any of its representatives be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, intentional, incidental, consequential or non-contractual, incurred as a result of wrongful and/or misguided use of information published on this website.

Space will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from use of this website, including technical errors/failure, transaction cancellation/termination, computer viruses or system-specific errors.


None of the information published on this website shall be construed as guarantee of service/product or grounds for any form of contractual restrictions on behalf of Space

Website terms of use
Information published on this website is intended for individuals looking to pursue services available on the Georgian financial market. This information is intended solely for personal use. You hereby agree not to disseminate, share, copy and/or reproduce (including social media) the information published on this website, including its structure, images and/or design for commercial purposes, without written consent from Space, which is our sole discretion. You do not need prior written consent from Space for use of information/content published on this website in case of prior consent from Space or for personal, education or informational purposes.

Unauthorized use of the website (including use of fraudulent names or coding) is strictly prohibited. You are expected to keep registration- and password-related details confidential and to ensure that no third party accesses the website on your behalf.

By registering and using a password (in case of need for such), you agree to have Space deactivate the password, cancel your registration or restrict your access to the website if you fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

Any disruption/damage/interference to programs/modules (telephone, computer etc.) you use to access this website at your own risk is solely your responsibility.
Space shall not be held liable for your failure to access the website due to technical delays/errors or any other reason beyond its control.
Intellectual Property [and rights to site content]

Space owns all rights to all the content, structure and design displayed on this website. Space also reserves exclusive rights to object of copyright created and registered by Space, including its trademarks.

Copyright (©) and other intellectual property rights apply to this website and published content in its entirety (including products and services).

Unauthorized use, processing or publication (including distribution via social media) of any piece of information/content published on this website, including logo, pictogram, graphics, images, patents, service marks/trademarks, design, visual media and other forms of intellectual property (whether registered or not), is strictly prohibited.

Indication of intellectual rights on the website shall not be construed as a license for use. Any act of downloading (or use) of information on this website for commercial purposes shall be deemed as breach of local (Georgian) legislation.

Neither of the covenants listed in these terms and conditions authorize/license you to use intellectual property of Space listed above.

Space shall ensure maximum protection of confidential information you share in accordance with local (Georgian) legislation.

Space collects personal information of its users for the purpose of identity verification, service provision etc. to the extent it deems necessary to deliver its services/achieve its goals efficiently, in accordance with local (Georgian) legislation. Users may request information about how Space processes their personal data and demand that Space amends, updates, edits, blocks, deletes or destroys this information, as directed by the user (with the exception of cases governed by local legislation).

Space transmits confidential information only in cases outlined in its Privacy Policy.

Considering the above-mentioned objectives and steps (essential) required to fulfill these objectives, Space transmits confidential personal information to the following parties: Amazon Inc.; Pulsar LLC (ID# 411322322); Mambu GmbH.

As user supply Space with confidential information, they are expected to avoid use of automatic tools that may pose risks to safety and security of the bank.

In order for Space to carry out its administrative duties efficiently, you may be asked to provide your personal data via e-mail. Please, note that Space shall not be held liable for any unauthorized access or data breaches from third parties in the process, which may have occurred as a result of use of less secure channels or voluntary distribution on behalf of the user.

For detailed information about how we treat/store your personal data, refer to our Privacy Policy.
External links
Space reserves the right to publish hyperlinks and links to third-party websites that you may benefit from ან for your own benefit.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Georgia.

Tbilisi City Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes relating to these terms and conditions.

Annulment of any of the provisions listed herein shall not be deemed as annulment of the rest of the provision of these terms and conditions.


Contact information
May you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions or any information published on this website, please, contact us immediately

Address your written correspondence to 47 Q. Cholokashvili Ave. Tbilisi 0179

Send us an e-mail at help@Space.ge or

Call our customer support center at +995 32 2 711 711.


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