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Corporate culture at Space or WHO WE ARE?

What sets Space apart is its distinct corporate culture and commitment to hiring only those who share our philosophy, vision and principles—the very elements that define our success.
We always look for distinctly courageous, competent, independent, self-motivated and resourceful individuals that never back down from hard decisions.
While valuing courage, we also encourage humility, which is all about commitment to bettering ourselves, being open to constructive criticism and sharing our knowledge, experience and ideas with the rest of the team with great joy. It also entails heightened sense of responsibility and respect for other people’s time.

Why Space?

All about a fellow Space team member

Everyone in our team is a team player, respecting other people and their opinions. That is our number one value. It is precisely compassion that fuels our interactions with our customers as well.
We are faithful to our core objectives, definitive approach and the set of principles that guide our work.
We constantly strive to innovate and keep an eye out for the latest global trends and novelties.
Even though our gaze is constantly upward, into distant space, we keep our feet firm on the ground. That is precisely why our actions always translate into tangible outco

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