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Order digital cards in 3 independent currencies

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    The best banking card for online shopping

    In Space, you can have 3 independent digital Visa cards for convinient online shopping experience. Simply choose the card with the right currency and avoid tangled conversion process.

    Instead of using your primary card for online shopping, add your digital cards to various websites for extra security. No surprises, no unexpected expenses.
    Transfer the exact amount of cash you are looking to spend to any of the three currency cards. Avoid holds and excess conversion fees.
    In order to access details of your digital card, simply click the card in the app, select Details, and once you complete authentication, you’ll be able to view the card number, expiration date and CVV code.
    Order and activate digital cards in just 5 minutes
    You may order and activate only 1, 2 or 3 digital cards in different currencies for immediate use. Select the Order Digital Card option from the cards section of the app, follow the steps and select preferred currency. That’s it. Your card will be activated shortly.

    Convert currency with Space effortlessly

    Select the inter-card transfer option. Indicate the amount and the card you’d like to transfer funds from. We’ll show you conversion rate for your preferred currency and the amount you are going to need for conversion.

    Display balance for your preferred card on your homepage

    Select a single or multiple cards you wish to view. Keep in mind that with multiple different currencies selected, you are going to see their combined balance in GEL. You may hide balance on your homepage with a single tap on your smartphone.

    Add cards to your digital wallet for effortless payments anywhere you’d like
    Adding your digital cards to Apple Pay and TBC wallet will enable contactless payment. Don't forget, you may also use your digital wallet to withdraw cash at TBC-operated ATMs.

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