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Introducing Space QR Installment

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  • Pay in three equal parts

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    Three-month effective 0% installment

    Split the cost of your product into 3 equal parts without spending an extra penny. If you end up realizing that you are unable to make the payment required to take advantage of the 0% interest rate, you may simply cover the minimal amount and switch to a standard plan. In that case, effective annual interest rate will be 29%, 35% or 45% and you may choose a term that is right for you—from 3 up to 48 months.

    No extra fees

    Keep in mind that Space Installment does not come with standard origination or disbursement fees.

    Verify your income directly via the App

    Virtually anything counts as income: salary, rent or compensation for services. In order to avoid having to run back and forth with documents and waste your precious time and effort on this simple routine task, you may now verify your income within seconds, without leaving the App.

    What to keep in mind?

    The Space QR Installment is issued in the amount of 100-25,000 GEL. This product can be used by anyone who is 20-60 years old and has a monthly income. The amount approved depends on the customer's credit history, income and current liabilities.

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