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    Space Card is a debit card, which you may order for free directly via the app. We will deliver it to you anywhere in Georgia. The card is 100% commission-free and each time you pay, you earn stars for a chance to win a cash prize up to 150 GEL every Friday.

    Order and receive your Space Card from the comfort of your home

    You may now forget about endless lines for card pick-up, as our pilots will deliver the card to your location anywhere in Georgia, completely free of charge. It takes up to 2-3 business days to deliver your card within Tbilisi or up to 3-5 business days anywhere else.

    VISA debit card from Space is an opportunity for you to avoid unwanted expenses, take advantage of a variety of promotions and a chance to win a cash prize up to 150 GEL every Friday.

    Pay with your Space Card anywhere

    What you should know about Space Card?

    Transfer funds to your Space Card
    You may deposit cash on your Space Card using the card-to-card or inter account transfer options or via TBC Pay and Oppa self-service kiosks.
    Have your salary paid directly into your Space card
    Just let us know how much and which bank the funds should come from and we’ll arrange the transaction each month.
    Use your Space Card wherever you’d like
    You may make payments with your Space Card both in Georgia and abroad — at virtually any bank, retail/service location or online store.
    Withdraw cash free of charge
    You may withdraw cash from your Space Card free of charge via TBC, VTB, Halyk Bank and BasisBank ATMs.
    All your cards in a single space
    What about managing multiple cards from several different banks through a single app? You can add virtually any bank card to Space within minutes. You may also make instant card-to-card transfers via our app—24/7.
    Make an interbank transfer 24/7
    Thanks to Space, you may now forget about interbank holds. Funds transferred from your Space card to virtually any other bank card, with card-to-card transfers via our app will appear instantly, 24/7.
    Block and unblock your card via the app
    What if, all of a sudden, you are unable to locate your Space card? No need to worry about that either. Be reasonable and block the card directly via the app without wasting your time. If you end up locating your card and there is no need for additional precautions, you are also free to unblock it via the app within seconds.

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