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"Virtually anyone that fulfills the following criteria may sign up on Space: - Is 17 or above; - Is not an entrepreneur (sole traders are eligible for accounts with/at Space); - Does not have lien, encumbrance/forfeiture in their name; - Is not a dual citizen or does not hold a Green Card. - Owns an ID card or a passport."
In order to sign up, you must download our app on your smartphone, click the human icon located in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions. [Do] keep in mind that you must have an ID card or valid passport handy. You may use either of the two documents to register an account with us.
Keep mind that you must pull your hair back while taking a selfie, so that it does no cover your face. If you wear spectacles, make sure to take them off. Also, ensure the right amount of lighting while scanning your ID card—not more, not less. Hold the camera straight while pointing it at the ID (the phone must not be tilted). Unfortunately, if your present appearance is vastly different from the time you had your ID picture taken (e.g.: you have grown a beard), we won’t manage to verify your identity at the stage and you will be unable to proceed with registration. However, we are working hard to resolve this issue, so that identity verification is more accurate and convenient.
Space is the first-ever digital bank in Georgia that allows you to manage your personal finance routine. Space does not have any brick-and-mortar branches and you may access its services 24/7, via your cell phone.
Space offers the following products: Space Card, instant loan, instant transfer, utility bills and other payments, online installment plan and piggy banks.
Space does not have any brick-and-mortar branches. We can provide virtually any service via phone or online. Give us a call at 2 711 711 or reach out via the app or Facebook.
You may contact our hotline at 2 711 711, or send a message via the app or Facebook messenger.
You may withdraw cash at virtually any ATM. Cash withdrawals via ATMs of TBC, VTB, Halyk Bank and BasisBank are free, whereas Bank of Georgia will charge a fixed 2% withdrawal fee (minimum commission: 6 GEL).
Log into the app, scroll [all the way] up and make changes in your personal profile.
You may restore your password [for the app] by clicking ‘Change Password’, providing card details and confirming the change.
Banking services from Space are fast, effortless and transparent. Forget about long queues, endless waits and limited business hours. Everything is now in the palm of your hand—literally. You may now get things done instantly, from your cell phone, and take advantage of insignificant or virtually non-existent service fees and unique cashback and loyalty programs, which basically promise cash rewards for simply using our no-fee cards.
Though property of TBC Back from a legal standpoint, Space operates independently, with the support from TBC Bank.
Yes, the app is intended both for iOS (10.3 or later) and Android (5.3 or later) operating systems.
Space card is a Visa Classic.
We do not charge standard annual or monthly service fees on our cards. Initial processing and delivery are completely free [of charge] as well.
"Cash withdrawals via ATMs of our partner banks are completely free. Namely, at: - TBC - VTB - Halyk Bank - BasisBank Cash withdrawal fee via Liberty Bank ATMs is 0.7%, a minimum of 0.3 GEL . Withdrawals at all other banks is 2%, a minimum of 6 GEL."
You must order the card via the app and we will deliver it to you anywhere you’d like: within 2-3 business days throughout Tbilisi or 3-5 business days throughout the rest of Georgia.
In order to receive request a PIN, [you must] log into your Space app account (here, you will find a tiny arrow on the very bottom of the homepage, which you must click), click the Space Card tab and select ‘Request a PIN code’ and enter the last four digits of your Space cards. You will receive the PIN code via text on the cell phone number provided upon registration. Your card will be activated as soon as you receive the PIN.
You may deactivate your card by contacting the hotline or sending a written request via in-app chat.
If you lost your card, make sure to call us at 2 711 711 or contact us via in-app chat. We will deactivate ან cancel your existing card so that you can order a new one.
In order to request a new PIN, [you must] log into the app, click the card and select ‘Change’. Do not hesitate to contact our hotline at 2 711 711 with any questions that you might have [in the process].
In order to block your card, [you must] log into the app, click the card and select the ‘Block my card’ option from the ‘Other’ drop-down menu. Do not hesitate to contact our hotline at 2 711 711 with any questions that you might have [in the process].
In order to view your account number, [you must] log into Space app profile (here, you will find a tiny arrow on the very bottom of the homepage, which you must click). Your account number is listed in the foremost section of the page.
In order to add cards from other banks to your Space account, [you must] log into the app. Click the tiny arrow on the very bottom of screen and then select the ‘plus’ (-) button from the cards section to add a new card.
You may access your transaction history by clicking the button located in the very center of the homepage.
Yes. You will earn instant 5% cashback on payments you make with your Space card at virtually any eatery. You may also take advantage of a variety of promotions to earn even more [at select locations].
You will receive instant 5% cashback on payments you make you’re your Space card at virtually any eatery around the world. You may also earn cashback by ordering with Glovo and Wolt.
Simply pay with your Space card at any eatery or as you order with Glovo and Wolt. You will receive 5% cashback on your Space account within seconds.
Yes, there are limits. You may receive monthly cashback up to 100 GEL, which basically means that once you earn 100 GEL in cashback, the rest of your payments that month will no longer earn you any.
You will earn 5% cashback regardless of how you end up paying—with your Space card or a sticker.
In order to make a transfer, you must click the ‘minus’ (‘-‘) button in the app and follow the instructions.
We offer four types of transfers. You may transfer funds instantly via cell, common messaging apps, card-to-card or standard transfer option to an existing account number.
Any transfer up to 50 GEL is free with the Space app (ან Any transfer up to 50 GEL via the Space app is free). The fixed fee for all others payments above 50 GEL is 0.9 GEL. However, do keep in mind that you can still transfer funds between Space or Space and TBC accounts completely free of charge.
One-time and daily limits for card-to-card transfers are 1,500 GEL, and 5,000 GEL, respectively. One-time and daily limits for inter account transfers are 25,000 GEL and 100,000 GEL, respectively.
All utility bill payments via Space are completely free of charge, with the exception of payments to Energo Pro, which are subject to a fixed fee of 0.5 GEL, determined independently from us.
The recipient will receive a link, which they will have to click in order to fill in the details of the card they wish to have the funds forwarded to.
In case of card-to-card transfers, transferred funds appear on the card instantly and may be used for cash withdrawal via ATMs, online shopping, POS payments and card-to-card transfers (to transfer funds from a Space card to another card). However, it takes up to 3 business days for the amount to appear on the account. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make inter account transfers (IBAN transfers) at this time. Inter account transfers take up to 3 business days to appear on the target account.
You may take advantage of any of the following methods to transfer funds: · By transferring funds to your Space card from virtually any other card via the Space app; · By transferring funds to your Space account from virtually any other bank; · TBC Pay self-service kiosks; · Oppa self-service kiosks.
In order to transfer funds from your TBC account, you must choose ‘Between your accounts” from the menu and select the Space account option.
You will find three little balls on the app homepage: ‘plus’ (+), ‘minus’ (-) and the larger ball between the two, which shows your current balance. By clicking this middle ball, you may access and filter your transaction history and even select specific transactions that you wish to review.
Virtually any individual or sole trader with a Space account may take advantage of installment plants with Space.
What you have to do is select an item you wish to purchase at one of our partner online stores ან merchants, save it to your basket and select the Space installment plan option during checkout. As soon as you do that, a QR code will appear, which you must scan with your smartphone through the app, in order for the item and the amount due to be transferred to the app automatically. Once you are all set, you must provide your personal details, select a payment date and proceed with simple instructions that follow.
You must verify income for virtually any loan product, including installment plans. Phubber app ( www.icrshop,ge
Installment apps with Space are currently accessible online only.
In the case of installments ranging upto 48 months, you will be charged an effective annual interest rate of 29%, 35%, or 45%, depending on the percentage at which you are approved for installments.
There are no withdrawal fees for installment plans with Space.
There are no processing fees for installment plans with Space.
We do not charge anything for early payoffs.
Installment plan terms vary between at least 3 and up to 48 months.
You may certainly make a down payment for your purchase—easily, via the app, using virtually any card.
You may pick up your purchase at the store or have it delivered to you by the designated courier. Do keep in mind that you must enquire about the delivery service with the very you store you are purchasing from.
If your purchase is faulty, you must contact the store and ask them to replace it. However, if that is not an option, you may certainly cancel the installment plan. Store staff will assist you throughout the process.
We offer consumer loans.
Loan interest rate is determined by the system, based on the applicant’s credit score. Minimum and maximum effective annual interest rates are 16% and 50%, respectively.
In order to request a loan, you must click the ‘+’ button in the app and follow the instructions.
Virtually anyone at least 20 or up to 60 years of age who is not a dual citizen or does not hold a Green Card may apply for a loan at Space.
We do not charge early payoff at Space.
With Space, you may obtain a loan in the amount of at least 100 GEL or up to 50,000 GEL. Loan minimum tenure is 1 month, while the maximum tenure is 48 months.
In order to qualify for a loan, you must have monthly income of at least 200 GEL, which you must verify by submitting respective documents. The system might not require additional documents, in which case the loan will be approved automatically.
In order to obtain a loan, you must upload salary, rent/lease or dividend statements for three out of four months leading to the date of application. Income statements must include consecutive payments for three months. On the other hand, if your application is processed automatically, you won’t have to submit anything.
Loan applications are processed instantly.
"While processing an application, the system evaluates consumer credit risk automatically, adhering to standard regulations. Your loan application may be denied if · You have pending liabilities; · You have bad credit history; · You are less than 20 or more than 60 years of age; · You have lien/encumbrance/forfeiture in their name; · Your salary is less than 200 GEL; · You are unable to submit the documents required to verify your income, in case of need."
If you intend to have the amount transferred to your Space card or virtually any other card, it will appear on your account instantly. However, all other accounts require between 1 and 3 business days to process.
You will be informed about the decision via the app.
All you need for monthly payments is sufficient funds on your Space account, which the system will deduct automatically. In order to make a full early payoff, go to the Loans page (click a small arrow located at the bottom of the homepage) and click the repayment button. With us, early payoffs are completely free.
Since Space loans are standard bank loans, each monthly payment covers both the principal amount and the interest accrued.
All you have to do is access the app, click Loans and press the ‘Repayment’ button.
Since Space loans are standard bank loans, they do not have negative impact on your credit score.
You may only have a single loan at Space, but what you can do is increase your credit limit.
In order to increase your credit limit, you may click the ‘+’ button in the app or go to Loans and click the ‘Add’ button.
You may access the loan agreement by clicking the ‘Other’ button on our Loans page.
Space piggy banks are basically savings accounts i.e. deposits that generate returns.
This is not a term deposit. Space piggy banks are so-called on-demand deposits, which you may deposit into or withdraw funds from anytime, free of charge.
In order to set up a piggy bank, you must scroll all the way up to the top of the app homepage, click ‘Set up a piggy bank’ and follow the instructions.
Nominal interest rate is 7.5%, while the effective annual interest rate is 7.76%.
You will receive returns on the first day of each month.
You may currently save in local currency (GEL) only.
There are no minimum requirements on deposits. You are free to deposit as much as you want.
You may deposit funds into your Space piggy bank anytime.
We do not charge any set-up fees.
We do not charge any service fees/
There are no withdrawal fees with piggy banks. You may transfer funds to your Space account anytime, free of charge or changes in your deposit terms (interest rate).
You may withdraw funds anytime, completely free of charge.
With Space, you may set up one to five piggy banks for a variety of purposes.
You may activate automatic savings rules on your piggy bank and save money in no time, without even noticing. The following rules apply: 1. A fixed amount will be deposited into your piggy bank upon each payment made. 2. The amount will be rounded up to the nearest lari amount and the difference will be tossed to your piggy bank. You are welcome to double, triple etc. the difference. 3. A fixed amount will be deposited into your piggy bank on a set date.
In order activate automatic savings rules, you must access the app, click the piggy bank you wish to make changes to, then ‘Activate[savings] rules’ and select one or all of the options available.
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