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  • Up to 150 payment categories
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    All your payments in a single space

    The Space app allows you to pay online for up to 150 standard and even more non-standard payment services.

    Refuse to overpay

    Utility and other forms of payments with Space are effortless, instant and free of service charge. * Payment charges apply only for Energo Pro Georgia and are determined independently from us.

    Set up templates and pay with a single click

    The Space app allows you to set up recurring payments by creating templates, so that each time you have to pay, all you have to do is press one button. To set up templates, simply mark your payment with a star. You may add, edit or remove your templates anytime.

    Keep in mind that for each GEL you pay, you will earn 10 stars in Space Game. That raises your chance to win from 5GEL up to 150GEL every Friday.

    Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our fellow Spacers have to say.

    It’s the first local product I’ve found to be flawless. You rock!

    Active Space

    I’m absolutely in love with this product.

    Giorgi D.
    Active Space

    I like Space. It’s creative, modern and straightforward. The service provided is unlike any other as well. The Space Pilot is a gem! Best of luck to this inventive team!

    Natia M.
    Active Space

    Extremely useful, convenient and effortless. And the service—priceless! The look of the card is so cool, too!

    Ia T.
    Active Space

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