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Transfer funds to a card from virtually any bank 24/7

No extra fees.
Transfers up to 50 GEL are completely free of charge.

Pay utility bills without commissions

Refuse to pay extra with our zero-commission policy
Take advantage of our database of over 150 standard and non-standard subcategories of services to choose from.
Set up templates of recurring bills to pay all of them at once, with a single click.

Pay with your Space Card to receive up to 100 GEL in monthly rewards

Every time you pay at virtually any eatery with your Space Card, you will receive instant 5% cashback.
You may earn up to 100 GEL in cashback each month.

Take advantage of your chance to win up to 150 GEL in cash every Friday

The Space Game rewards you with cash for frequent use of the Space Card and other services.
In order to earn stars and qualify for the weekly price, you must make payments with your Space Card and take advantage of other services.

Get a loan 24/7, from the comfort of your home

Get a loan within minutes, 24/7.
And, as you do that, avoid paying extra in [convenience] fees.

Make purchases with our installment plans, without paying extra ან Check out online with our installment plans without paying extra

Take advantage of our zero-interest ან 0% interest 3-month installment plan
Split the cost of your purchase into three manageable monthly installments
Checkout with the Space installment option 24/7, from the comfort of your home.

Save money. Get the highest returns.

Deposit and withdraw cash commission-free anytime.
Take advantage of the best-available interest rate of 7.5%

Get a Space Card

Order directly from Space App, collect rewards and cashback bonuses

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