Manage your payments in one space

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    With Space, keep an eye on your payments without extra effort

    Space card is free. You do not pay for the card. You do not pay the monthly service fee for the SPA card.

    Pay with any card, any time

    Don’t you have enough money on one card for all your payments? Use different cards in different cases. In Space, you can put all your cards together in one app and choose what you pay for.

    Travel to Space withour simple design

    Space was created to simplify your daily life. View your transaction history and keep an eye on future payments through a customized, user-friendly interface.

    Fill in your mobile balance instantly

    With Space you can replenish the balance of any mobile operator.

    Keep an eye on payments

    Cover payments on time
    In Space, you can track your transactions and not miss current and future payments.
    Everything is in space
    Forget the thousands of windows that open in the browser, with the Spice mobile app you can control all your utilities in one space.

    Create templates and virtual cards

    In Space you can create templates and pay for everything instantly with one click of your finger. At the time of payment, mark your transaction with a star and skip a few steps next time. Don’t forget that you can add, edit, and delete templates at any time.

    You can also place all your templates in a virtual basket and then pay for everything with one click of your finger.

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    Order directly from Space App, collect rewards and cashback bonuses

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